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Regans in Purley, Surrey, is the UK’s premier boxing, martial arts, and fitness gym. Our world - class facility and coaches, endorsed by multiple champions, provide unique and fun one - on - one and class training for individuals of all levels, from beginners to those in the amateur/professional fight circuit.


The Regan Clan have always been fighters. A trait honed during the days when they defended Ireland from the Vikings.

Michael (Captain) Regan was born in Guernsey, the eldest of ten children. When he was ten, his father died in an accident and Michael was forced to leave school to support his family.

He was a keen fighter, and by the age of fifteen he was a regular at the local ring, where spectators threw money to encourage the fights. Michael’s mother used his winnings to feed the family.

Seeing him bruised and bleeding, she would say, ‘Never again.’ But by the following week, she would ask, ‘Do you think you could manage another fight?’

Still only fifteen years old, he lied about his age to join the Royal Artillery.

He fought in the Second World War and rose to the rank of captain.

After the army, he joined the Nottingham constabulary as a police officer.

He returned to Guernsey with his family and opened a restaurant and boxing gym where he taught the locals. Many won trophies.

In his later years, he joined the branch of government responsible for guarding the royal family and royal buildings.

His last role was as a fire security officer in a Caterham hospital. He played an active part in the recovery and treatment of the casualties of the Caterham Arms bombing.

He never lost his passion for the ring and throughout his life he would travel miles to attend big-named fights.

His passion for boxing is continued by his grandson, Regans Fight Club (RFC) co-founder and Head Coach, Darren Chanagasubbay’s (AKA Darren Chan).

Captain Reagan_edited.png



A highly effective leader with over 35 years global experience building, managing and advising start-up and early-stage businesses on how to deliver high scale growth in revenue, profitability and market share.

In addition to being a director and co-founder of Regans Fitness Champions Ltd, Greg is also an advisor to and director of Climb Global Solutions (US publicly traded technology distribution company), DC Byte Ltd (a global information provider to the Data Centre Market), West Norwood Church Development Ltd (a Real Estate development company), and the Sales Community (a sales social network).


Greg also has a degree in accounting and extensive corporate financial experience.



Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, Darren became a world-class boxing trainer.

He has over 25 years’ experience as a boxer, trainer, and martial arts champion. His unique boxing and fitness methodology has produced world boxing champions: David Haye (WBA World CruiserWeight and World Heavyweight Champion), George Grove (WBA World Super Middle Weight Boxing Champion), and Andy Lee (WBA World Middle Weight Boxing Champion).

Darren is passionate about training individuals to their highest potential, whether that be purely to gain the superior fitness of a boxer or to compete in bouts.

He brings his wealth of experience and sheer love of the sport to Regans.

Additional Credentials:

  • Pro-Boxing License Holder

  • Amateur England Boxing Coach (L2)

  • Karate and Thai Boxing Instructor

  • Olympic Lifting Instructor

  • Sports Movement Patterns Specialist

  • Personal Trainer (L3)

  • Strength and Conditioning Coach Masters (L4)

  • Sports Therapist and Nutritionist




Throughout his career, Darren Chan has trained children and young adults to improve their fitness, build new friendships, and develop life skills to better prepare them for the challenges of adulthood.  Most of his students go on to fight as amateurs, and some have advanced to compete as professional boxers.

In addition to providing boxing training to children in local schools, RFC partners with the police and prison services to offer training to offenders who want to improve their self-esteem and focus

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